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Supercharger Confusion


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I may be overreacting, but it looks like the 2013 GT500 has three different superchargers


This pic shows the 2013 with the same Eaton M122 as the GT500 from 2007-12. Is it just a 5.4 in a 2013 ody?



This one shows the engine taken apart with a TVS



These two pictures show an Eaton TVS only this one looks a bit different and has 5.8 and SVT on it.




So will we know what the actual supercharger looks like under the hood in the engine bay? Will the third supercharger with the 5.8 and SVT on it be the supercharger that we see in the 2013?

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Pretty typical being this early before the cars hit the showrooms. I imagine there are quite a few parts which will be different from what you are seeing now. You are correct that the show car has the current Eaton supercharger, not a TVS. They probably did not want anybody to notice that. The engine layout picture was probably a standard TVS before they had the custom Ford SVT TVS. Pretty normal. I would imagine that the last one is what you will see. That one may be a prototype also, so the final product may be even different than that.

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