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Shelby convention - Watkins Glen


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I didn't see it posted anywhere on the forum so I'll bring it up. The Shelby Club is having their convention at Watkins Glen on June 7-8-9th 2012. There will be a national show, swap meet and best of all open track time. Carroll Shelby usually attends along with other well known team drivers from the 60's. It's a bit early in the planning but I made my reservations already and will be taking my '07 GT500 on the track. If you've never been to the Glen the track is great and the town is beautiful, right along Seneca lake with wineries and some beautiful hiking trails. Every time i go to the track my wife hits the wine trail it keeps her happy and I get to have my fun.



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Thanks for the post/update. Have you upgraded your suspension? I have a 2008 GT500 I cannot think of taking it on a track as soft as the suspension is. I love The Glen and will try to make this event.



The only mod is upper and lower control arms. I used to track my old 5.0 at the Glen, so while the Shelby suspension is a bit of a compromise it's still lights years ahead of my 5.0.

try and make it, the track is a blast.

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