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Hey guys I have been readin up on these two different tuners, one from Diablo sport ( the predator) and one from SCT (SF3) and the Excaliber for my 2008 Shelby GT 500. Both can be found at this link and both are about the same price. http://www.lethalperformance.com/07-09-shelby-gt500-computer-sct-c-2052_2061_3797 one question i have that the research i have done dosent seem to anser is can i just put this tune in with my aftermarket exhaust and no cold air and add the cold air intake later on? so does it really give up to 45 HP or so? is it feasable to do and any recommendation on whihc tuner has the best results? I spoke with a guy on here and he recommended me to a company called VMT but i cant fine it anywhere. My golas it to do the tuner, cold air intake and a pully upgrade in the future adding some power but i want to keep the car reliable and drivable as its my daily dirver. I dotn want to take the relialibilty factor out of the car. Please help me out guys/gals her eor 2106327945 any inputs greately appreciated.

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