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2013 GT500 LA Auto Show pics


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Just got back from the LA Autoshow. Attached a few pics to see of the new 2013 GT500

I have a 2012 GT500. Not sure about the back as you can see its quite different. I think i will look much better in black. Love the front with NO grill and the HUGE front Brembos. And finally has decent sized rear rotors even though still not Brembo. I spoke with a guy from Ford who told me he drove it last week and said its wild. He said it now can hook up. The launch control is awesome and they changed the gears to better match all the power.

I also got to meet the man. He did a 10 min interview for a documentary Ford is doing. He also drove the car last week and loved it. BTW I asked the Ford guy if he also timed the car. He didn't want to say but he said he did .75 better than the 2012. And after i pressed him said it will run Low 11's with a good driver !!!





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Wow...just wow. I haven't been this happy at first sight or excited about an arrival since the 2007. I am thoroughly impressed with everything I have seen about this car. I cannot wait to get one!



I will be very jealous ! I will peep in your garage windows at night !

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