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Tips on installing vinyl stripes please

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I know many of you have had to have your original hood scoops & vinyl stripes replaced. Me too, for 2nd time now. I've been reading & reading here about your experiences (thank you for sharing), but one area I haven't found advise on is regarding putting the vinyl stripes on. They do have some experience, but I don't want to assume they know everything.


It was wrinkled, then cracked open vinyl stripes around the base of the hood scoop that first got this whole thing going, so I want to help the body shop avoid this happening to them. Does anybody have any tips on that? It will be done soon, so this winter. I do realize that the wrinkles are formed when the scoop is attached, so basic tips on that would be helpful too.


One thing that seems obvious is that it's best to let the stripes sit on the car for a while before putting the scoop on. Shelby says wait at least 3 days, but I'm thinking why not wait a week if not in a hurry. Agree?


This will be done in the winter, so the shop (& probably the hood itself) will most likely be on the colder side...


Do you think vinyl stripes would stick better at application if the hood & stripes were warmed up first (like wrap in a blanket the day before)? The "sticky" might stick better...

Maybe the hood with the vinyl stripes on it ought to be a bit colder/stiffer at the time the scoop is installed, so the stripes are stiffer & less likely to move...?

And a warmed up scoop might be more pliable as it's riveted & shaped to the hood...


Yeah, I'm laughing with you at the idea of asking a body shop to warm up this & that, but I'm only thinking in terms of wrapping things in a blanket the day prior. Doesn't seem so demanding to me, & I can provide the blanket :)


Whata ya think?...



p.s. Yes, for now I'm doing vinyl & rivets. I just want this fixed & have my warranty end.



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