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2013 Preview Event in L.A.


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Well, the cat is out of the bag as to the specs, and the cars are visually far more SIMILAR to their predecessors than they are different, but there are definitely some changes worth noting.


The rear end is relatively the same shape - with the tail lamps now being LED and having depth to them. The GT500 front intake is also different - with a large center opening bracketed by insert on each side.


I do NOT like what I believe to be the new SVTPP wheels - but who knows if they'll be the only ones? Sadly, the show car was shoed in F-1 G: 2'd.


BOSS 302 looks terrific in School Bus Yellow with the 70's stripe. V6 and GT both have front ends derived from the 2012 GT500 - but look VERY different from the GT500. All have much updated fascias and the GT and BOSS look terrific with integrated hood vents.


The dash looks VERY similar - and accommodates the new info display without RADICAL changes.


CS was on-hand for the reveal, and it became clear they revealed the GT500 at the beginning because the evening was becoming long for him. Jim Farley was emcee - and a host of other folks were on hand from Ford and SVT.


Thanks for putting-on the event, Ford. Look for my order presently.


Event photos here.

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Madlock, thank you for the pictures and the feedback from the event.


Have to agree with you on the looks of the new Boss. I think it looks great. Also agree that the new GT500 rims dont quite look as good. Pretty minor though in the scheme of things when you are staring at such a monster. Really wish I could have been there to have seen it in person as well. As you can probably tell I am a fan of Grabber Blue (with a glass roof).

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