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Got Rubber?


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While I'm not sure exactly why, Ford must have a reason for not doing this.


I do know that after 11" there starts to be some serious clearance issues.


Even 305's are not going to help that much with 650HP! There comes a point where you just cant keep increasing wheel/tire size to keep up with the HP. You have to learn to control the throttle. The Launch control will do WAY more to help than wider tires.

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I know the 2013 GT500 has launch control and a torsion kit, but I am still curious if there are bigger tires on the rear wheels. Does the GT500 still have 285 mm tires or did they finally put 305 mm tires on?




Ford is offering the car with the current SVTPP G-2 tires & wheels on it.


19" front and 20" rear, but no wider.




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