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KR convertible at Palm Beach 2008?


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Although anything is possible, it's unlikely that a KR Vert will happen mostly due to production and allocation issues. SAI is days away from starting production on the 500 Hertz Verts (hey, that sounds kinda cool), and they still have to finish up production on the SGT hardtops, then start on the 1000 KR's. Although not announced and certainly not offical, the odds are quite good that SGT verts will be made for sale next February after the car is made offical and revealed at Ron Pratte's Shelby Show (AKA Barrett-Jackson) that's held in Arizona in January. If Ford/SAI do decide to make the SGT Verts, then we have to assume that they will build 6000 (combined stick/autos) of those units like they are with the hardtops, and if you combine those 6000 Verts with the GT, V6, rental car, and GT500 verts that they have to build too, that's a poop load of Verts to build within one model year.


Like I said, anything is possible and I could be quite wrong, but I just don't think that a KR vert will ever happen.

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