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So when planning what is already the biggest Ford and Shelby event in the world you think it just can't get any bigger... Well then you get news like I was just given.



Ask yourself this: what would make this event over the top times a thousand from what it already is but you can't find at the Vegas bash??!!


Consider this your fair warning: if you do not come then you will never forgive yourself. This is simply incredible news. I cant say anymore because I know this is being watched by the brass now. Suffice it to say that this will be an event never duplicated again. This is a one time OMG type deal that will make you say " I can't believe my eyes!" this will shake every notion of every event you have ever been to or will ever go to again!

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this must be big news, you posted the same topic twice :hysterical:



LOL Matt, The announcement is so big my Iphone needed to post it twice.


This is so over the top that I'll give you ONE more hint: What do you see every day, but have never seen and can't see at the Vegas Bash?

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