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OE GT-4 Wheels- Will they fit?


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Does anyone know if these wheels will fit a 2007 GT500?






MSB Mustang / Mark



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GT4 Style Replica Wheels



Uncertain about 2010's but 2007-2009 's require an offset of 45mm to clear the front Brembo brakes

But then again maybe I'm missing something....




Good Point Lgs ShelbyGT. But the 38mm offset is for the OE front 9" wheels. Can anyone comment if a 38 mm offset on a 9" wide front wheel gives the same, or even better, clearance as 45mm offset on a stock 9.5" wheel? 1/2 an inch = 12.7mm so I think a 9" wheel with a 38 mm offset will actually offer more clearance than a 9.5" wheel with a 45mm clearance?


The rear 10" OE GT4 wheels are different story. They have a 42mm offset on a 10" OE wheel and that might be more of a problem as the normal rear offset is 45mm on a 9.5" wheel? But the much smaller brakes on the rears probably negate that?


The tires that come with the set of GT-4 black wheels are Nittos (they don't say which ones but the pics look like 555's) and I was leaning towards putting the Contential DWs on my old beat-up original rims. When Ford put 50K miles on my SVT#12 test mule they really dinged up the rims...I have also hit them a few times myself with my additonal 55K miles.


Also force recon can you comment any more about your "Yes" answer please?


Thanks Everyone for your help and comments...and now I am off to the driveway to try out Grabbers fuel filter replacement procedure!


Mark / MSB Mustang

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You might check out the GT-4 Wheels from American Muscle...


Doing just a little research I found that their version of the GT-4 Wheel (18x9) has a 40MM offset and is spec'd out to fit any 05+ Mustang with the Brembo Brake option...


Also, there are several of the SGT owners running them on their cars with various Big Brake Upgrades...

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