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New to Shelby GT not new to TeamShelby

Rev Dennis

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I have had a GT500 for a few weeks. For some reason I decided to test drive an '07 Shelby GT. I can't believe it is box stock because it is nearly as quick as my GT500. And it has a real nice growl to it. So I bought it today. From Sheridan Ford in Wilmington, DE. It belonged to an Eric W. previously. 5k miles and looks like new. I particularly like the tan interior.




more pics at http://www.dennisarner.com/2007shelby


I think I paid a fair price. What was this worth? Your input is appreciated.


It is a lot stiffer than the GT500 and better balanced. If it were a convertible it would be perfect!!

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Ain't it Great!


Congrats on the find, I'm sure you'll get lots of questions especially since you've got the GT500 as well.


+1 on the SC upgrade (mine was modd'd by the previous owner--not a Shelby mod) but I can attest to how much it wakes up the beast in the car!

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