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Seasonal vs. All-Season Factory Tire Options  

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  1. 1. Would you buy a Cold Weather Wheel/Tire Package if it were available as a GT500 factory option?

    • "Cold Weather"? Never heard of it.
    • Yes - as a low, or no, cost "either/or" alternative to summer-only tires.
    • Yes - as an optional set of additional wheels and tires at commensurate cost ($2-3,000)
    • No. ALL cars should be have all-season tires by default - and offer summer tires only as an alternative or optional extra
    • No. Leave all-season to the aftermarket. People who REALLY want to drive in snow will LEARN about tires
    • I wouldn't care - if makers would chose tire sizes that are readily available in both types.

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Given the extent to which makers have adopted "summer tires" and abandoned spares as means of improving performance, reducing cost and saving weight to improve fuel economy, a great many buyers find themselves having owning a vehicle that's unusable (or at least less safe or enjoyable to use) during wintertime in factory trim.

It's become SO prevalent that "average customers" who primarily look upon cars as appliances are finding their most mundane everyday vehicles aren't equipped for cold-weather driving - often the result of dealer-ordered options. Vehicles like GT500 in particular, despite being RWD vehicles primarily intended for warm/clear weather use, are even further limited - by not just the likelihood of being fitted with Summer Tires to improve performance, but the relatively limited (sometimes nonexistent) sizes available, especially for those who'd prefer to leverage the experience of car makers to at least recommend suitable alternatives.

SOME makers offer "Cold Weather" or "All-Season" packages, especially for performance vehicles, that otherwise wouldn't be equipped for year-round driving in most climates. Of course, only idiots would deliberately drive their Mustangs throughout snowy winters, but let's leave them up to Charles Darwin. Given the overwhelming majority of performance makes and models that DON'T presently offer such an option of ANY type, I've grown curious as to what the response to Ford offering something similar for GT500 might be.

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Mine's a daily driver and I'm in the process replacing the original Goodyear "Summer" performance tires with a set of Continental ExtremeContact DW 's. I've ordered them through the same Ford dealer I bought the car from. They priced matched a Tire Rack quote I took in plus I have a $100 rebate coupon I'm using. Ordered them yesterday and should be in Monday.


My present tires have 16,000 miles and the fronts still have 6/32 tread and the rear's are about 4 to 5/32. I could probably milk them to 20K but the thought of running them through another wet winter is not plesant. :sing_rain:

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