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TracKey - Here's the Official Word


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TracKey for the 2012 Boss 302 has generated a lot of buzz on the enthusiast forums. Here's the real deal:

TracKey is an aftermarket option, available exclusively through Ford & Lincoln Dealers. The TracKey option consists of two components:

The download of the TracKey performance software and calibration.

The reprogramming of the red key to enable activation of the performance calibration.

The TracKey calibration has an MSRP of $302 plus dealer installation. TracKey works with the 2012 Mustang BOSS 302 and is currently supported in the United States & Canada. The availability of TracKey will be officially announced at SEMA on November 2nd. Official TracKey information, a video and photos are available at http://www.trackey.ford.com/trackey/

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Track key released today! Just in time for the car to hibernate for the winter. Track key website is updated with lots of info - including pages of directions for your dealer to follow to upgrade the key and the cars computer. Pretty cool. Can't wait to have this upgrade done and get it to the track.

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