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Clutch Feel


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I'm trading my 2011 today for the identical 2012 with Recaro Seats.


Despite the miles I get to wind-back off the clock and seats that won't leave me laid-up for 2 days after hitting the track, I'm really starting to get wistful about my 2011 because of how good an example I'm fortunate enough to have - from the extra boost the supercharger puts-out to the smoothness of the shift action. I've got a peach - and I'm trading it in on a car I'm only likely to trade-in again in 6 months (it's a long story).


Anyway, my dealer had to truck-in my car from another state, and I only got to drive it for the first time a couple of days ago. Apart from noticing how much notchier the shift action was on the new car, I was really surprised by how much lighter the clutch felt.


Before taking delivery, I'm wondering whether Ford made any adjustments from 2011 to 2012 to the clutch weighting and feel, whether my 2011 was uncommonly heavy, my 2012 is uncommonly light - or both. Has anybody who's driven both model years noticed something similar - or is this something I should have them hoist her to look at before I drive away?


Finally, although I distinctly remember how surprised I was about how notchy the shifting felt when I picked-up my 2011, I can't quite remember just HOW notchy it was. I'd like to think the 2012 feels just like my 2011 did when new, and what I'm feeling is the natural breaking-in over 9,000 or so miles. Am I correct in my observation in how much smoother the shift action becomes - and how much more freely the entire car seems to run after the first few thousand miles?


The GOOD news is that if the 2012 coupe doesn't turn-out to be ideal - I can always take the identical convertible they mis-ordered for me instead. :)


I'd appreciate any insight.

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The clutch will get heavier with more miles. I also though something was wrong when I picked up my car last week after getting a new clutch, flywheel, and throw out bearing installed under warranty (faulty throwout bearing) The pedal was so light it felt like a cheap toy, but it quickly broke in and is now giving me that normal pedal feel.

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