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MT Street Radial II for 2010


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MT has some nice street radials out in 19", but they only make 305/35/19. A 305 is calling for a 10" rim. Would it be OK to run these tires on my stock 9.5" rims? Has anyone done so?



Uhhhh, I thought my 2010 had factory 10" (x 19") rear wheels already but that the earlier models had 9.5" wheels (like my KR wheels).


Maybe I'm confusing the factory 2010 wheels with the Super Snake 20" wheels....because I was also thinking I have 9.5" front wheels too.


Shoot, now you're gonna make me go look!




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looks like it would be about .5 inch wider than stock. It should fit good, i'm sure someone has done it already. i remember years ago i put a bfg 295 on a stock gt turbine 15x7 wheel and it fit, just over hang past the wheel. you figure that was 2.5 inches too small.

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