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New Member in the ATX


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Hello All -


I have been lurking for 7 days since buying my first Shelby 07SGT1994 I bought used in San Antonio. 36k miles, black with cracked stripes!


I am stoked to say the least and have already ran into two members here that live near me.


Looking forward to learning a bunch from you all and meeting more of you down the road.



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Hey Lee, welcome to Team Shelby! It was great talking to you yesterday - I was pretty surprised when I walked out the garage door and found a black SGT sitting out there!


Here's the website for Rodney Austin, the body/paint guy I was telling you about. As you can see on his site, he's done work on some extremely cool stuff, and he's the best I've ever seen.




Looking forward to meeting up for some local cruise stuff!

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