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Here a thread of my MMS mufflers with plenty of sound clips...people seem to love these over the off the shelf stuff out there...




If you want a set, let me know..



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Alright, thought I had my mind set on the KR axle back exhaust. But now I am throwing in two other possibilities.

Anyone with any experience with these??

Corsa "Xtreme" Axle Back Exhaust System

Borla "Stinger" Axle Back Exhaust System



Hey Maadbeats, If these are your only choices, then go w/the KRs. If you're willing to explore further, then check out this thead: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/topic/61404-exhaust-roush-extreme/page__p__1045578__hl__roush__fromsearch__1#entry1045578

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so did you make a choice?

I also plan on a Axle Back system



Shelby Turbo Mufflers Get a better sound and more power by replacing your stock mufflers with these Borla mufflers. Applications: 2005-2009 Mustang GT, Shelby GT, GT500, $499.00






Bullet_MoreInfo.gifRead more about this product


one for the money

and two at 60 I probably would look at little out of place behind the wheel with a more than this extreme exhaust

but then again,

what do I know

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Probably not what you are asking but I really like my Borla ATAK's on my 2011. I liked the sound of these over the Stingers from what I found via sound clips on the web. I did not hear each one in person so maybe the Stingers really are "better", but I'm happy with what I've got.


Oh,btw I'm in my late 60's and the sound is fits me just right. But that may be cause my wife says I don't hear so good anymore anyway ;)

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Old Farts Rule!


Just when you think you know the image type - oh he drives a Toyota - oh she's got to have a Cadi!

Sister Teresha pops up with her 34 T-bucket!


while sitting at the dealer yesterday waiting on the tire to be fixed on my F150 - I WAS WEARING A SUIT!

so no I couldn't get out and change it!


but there was a guy maybe in his 70's - had a bad case of Parkinson disease going on - and turned out we had allot in comon

I shake too - when I drink to much - no he had just bought an 2012 Black Shebly and was having the dark gray stripes added


Bet he's going for a Borla system next week!

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I have the same and like mine too. I really liked the sound of the stock exhaust, but really didn't like the appearance. I think that the Corsa is by far the best looking mufflers.




I have the Corsa Touring I like them maybe not as loud as some people would like but I have no complaints


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