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9/11 tomorrow

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To show support, I am going to fly a flag or appling a sticker / magnetic flag on my car. My prayers go out to any families whos lives were forever changed that day. This morning on the front page of my web browser page, was a video taken by the space station that happened to be flying over New York that awful morning. Although the pictures / video from space 250 mi high looked spetacular, the sorrow sank in. I then looked up to see my 2 children laughing at a book they were looking at. I thank my lucky stars that the tragic event did not effect my personal life, but my heart and a couple tears in my eyes are for the ones that were effected by that day. I do remember watching the 2nd plane hit live on TV.

I am proud to be an American, proud to drive an American Pony car, and proud to show my American colors. God Bless America!

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My flags fly 24/7 in my front and back yards :-) First mod to the Shelby was an American flag in the rear window centered. Long may she wave over the land of the free and home of the brave.


God bless our military, police, fire fighters and EMS, past and present :salute:

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