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Cannonball run winner


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Kudos tp Smokinjoez!



Did you enjoy the competiton and get some pics? Sure sounded like it would be fun during discussion at the Dearborn Banquet.



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Wow, Helaina...never saw you start a thread before!!! LOL


I have some pictures of the finale party that Helaina invited me too. Before I get bashed for the low light pictures, let me explain....much of Southern CA, Mexico, and AZ had lost power due to a grid failure and the Dana Point, CA Ritz Carlton was part of that. Here are the pictures I got, that my detailer (Nathan) took. Many more pictures were taken, but, unfortunately, did not turn out due to the no light situation.


I am so proud of Helaina and Ron, for not only completing this grueling competition across the country (in 6 days) in a car I built for them, but for the fact they were both so eloquent and happy that a Shelby ( Red 2011 GT500 Vert red with white stripes) won the event, even over all the high $$$$$$$ cars from all around the world in the competition. Congrats Joey and Vinny!!! There were 4 Mustangs on the cross country tour.


I went to the finale party at the Ritz with my detailer, Nathan, and Tom (Fontech, on here) and really had a great time. I stayed the night at Tom's home, 20 minutes away, in Tustin where there was power. Due to the no-power situation, there are no photos of the cars in the event ( they were in a parking garage with no light)...sorry. Nevertheless, it was a blast. Helaina and Ron drove Cali (the 2011 GT I built) from Dana Point on Saturday to me, where we are storing her (Cali) and her other new toy until the Terlingua event where Ron and Michael (mywickedshelby) are flying back to Palm Springs at the end of this month to drive both cars to Terlingua. We had lunch, then I took them to the Ontario, Ca airport to fly back to NJ.


Here are the pictures:


Amazing Views from the Ritz bar....






The banquet where Joey Got his briefcase with $25K cash for winning the event....














The restaurant we were shuttled too....with back up generators...great food and al you could drink....LOL




The shuttle bus (one of several) to take us back to the Ritz...




Nathan, with a girl from the restaurant, that he wanted a picture with....he doesn't have the guts to talk to girls, so after he told me he liked her, I asked out the window of the shuttle bus if she would agree to a picture taken with him...they actually look good together, although, he was unable to speak while getting the pic...LOL..




Hopefully Tom and/or Ron got some pictures too....



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Cool that a member won Congratulations.

I sent the link of the cannonball run to Lisa. She has just added it to our bucket list. I hope Helaina brings some pictures to Terlingua.



I will most certainly bring pics, but since we were driving full blast, *&^% to the wall, non stop the whole time-I do not have a lot of them! LOL

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I will most certainly bring pics, but since we were driving full blast, *&^% to the wall, non stop the whole time-I do not have a lot of them! LOL



Well it looks like there was at least one STOP in the Kansas City area :shoppingcart_:




You could have at least waved as you drove past on I-70 :shift:


Looks like it was a great time :camera:

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