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Downsize my 285/35/19's


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Have been researching new rear tires for my 2010 GT500 Coupe for a few weeks now.


I would ultimately like the Nitto NT05r, but I'll wait on those since I don't feel like doing the modifications to get them to work yet.


So What I've been looking at is the Nitto NT05s, has anyone used these tires? Any good or bad feedback?


They are 275/35/19 and the stock Goodyears are 285/35/19. Even being a smaller tire I'm confident that they will have better traction, but will there be any draw backs using this tire?



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Width-wise, 275 should be close enough to not matter hookup-wise - especially when the F1 G:2's aren't warm.


You MAY want to consider going to a 255 width up front - to keep the over/under steer balance. You'll also have a HUGE increase in the number of available tire choices - and MUCH less pulling and dodging of the front end.

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