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FR-3 Questions


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Despite undoing the entire balance the SVTPP tries to strike, I've been thinking about the FR-3 pack to make the handling more aggressive and precise.


I realize the shorter, firmer springs are going to firm-up things CONSIDERABLY which, of course, is the entire idea. However, I've been thinking of using a combination of higher-profile tires on 18" or 19" wheels AND the adjustable damper settings to soften-up the ride for everyday use.


From anybody who's added the FR-3 to their 2011/12 Coupe with SVTPP, how workable a solution is this toward BOTH goals I'm trying to achieve? Does the FR-3 Pack add any additional noise and vibrations?



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I've only done the frpp handling kit on my 2008 which didn't add any noise or vibration. Just a tad rougher ride but I loved it 100% more than the stock setup. I've driven 10 11 12 gt500 with an without the svtpp an the svtpp adding the frpp handling kit shouldn't add much rougher ride at all

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