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The UKPONY at the IMM


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Violet & I got home from the 32nd International Mustang Meet (Spokane, WA) earlier today..we were carrying an extra bit of luggage but more of that later.


Pulling a show ready car out of the garage on Thursday morning Violet saw rain for just the fifth time in her sheltered life, this lasted for the first four hours of the trip - a good excuse to drive faster though to stop the rain coming in...I did mention this was top down all the way, right? Ten hours and nearly 800km later we pulled into Spokane with a lovely grey film all over her bodywork.


The route was simple enough, highway #3 all the way from the Hat, through the crowsnest pass to the Idaho border..down the I95, across on highway #2 to the I90;



After a few (ten) hours of cleaning the car I arrived in looked like the one I left in :drool: ....... showday, saturday, came and the UKPONY sat in the 2005-09 Shelby, Non GT500, Modified class to be judged by our fellow entrants (I will point out that due to rather severe sunburn on my legs I didn't wander around to take pics of the other rides but I will find some, somewhere and post the link here....anyhow..here's a few pics of my baby;












now back to that extra piece of luggage on the return trip;


20110905_11.jpg :happy feet:

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Delayed response...lol


Thanks guys - a lot of people assumed that she was trailered there rather than driven....I guess I should take that as a compliment to my detailing skills..lol

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