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Shelby vs GTR

2011 P8J

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I have a good friend that ownes a GTR and we finally got a chance to meet up this weekend. Thought I would share with you guys how it went.


The cars:


My 2011 Shelby: VMP S/C pulley, 10% OD IW balencer, VMP tune, JLT carbon CAI, AFCO HE, Aluminum DS, and Nitto NT555Rs. Stock TB, and stock exhaust.


2010 GTR: Has tune that friend says is more aggressive than the new 2012 GTR tune. 2012 Nissan upgraded LC. The stock down pipes contain cats which he replaced with open down pipes, after that there is a mid-pipe that contains two more cats and a resinator. He replaced that with high-flow cats and the resinator is deleted.


My car put down 529 to the wheels on a DynoJet. He thinks his car makes around 540 to the wheels but Dynos are so different its hard to tell if 529 on one and 540 on the other are that much different. Both cars make about 15 PSI. He did have a passenger but I had just gassed up and was on a full tank.


After hearing all the press and people talking about how badass the GTR is (and it is BTW!) I was expecting him to be faster. I was pleasantly supprised the cars were so close they are almost dead even. (Of course all racing was performed in Mexico!) All races were from 50 (about 4K RPM in second for me and about 4.5K in second for him) to around 130-140. We gave each other the move several times and who ever got the move walked off and left. We had three good even runs and my car would immediately pull a car (guess the higher tourqe, BTW not boost lag because I asked) and by the time we let off he would be at my rear quarter or rear edge of my door depending on run. I am sure the dual clutch trans was the reason because his boost does not drop off as it does when I shift. Wonder if a WOT BOX would have helped that? I also think the GTR has less wind drag and that probably helped him creep a litle also. Point is that it was so close something like drag coefficiant might have helped.


Hopefully we can meet at the dragstrip this fall and see how they do. If I can hook it will be a hell of a race!



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