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Two of a Kind (GT 350 & 69 Boss 302)

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Hi Shelby owners,


I had an idea for a Mustang Monthly article. It would be about a GT 350 and 1969 Boss 302 owner with me a SGT and 2012 Boss owner. Lots of picture and comparisons. I have a white 07 SGT and white 2012 Boss. I think we could pitch the idea to the magazine if it has not been done before.


We first would have to ask the magazine if it has been done and then find a second person with the vintage cars, preferably white. I live in SoCal and my SGT has lots of time in service at the track and has several 1st place Shelby show awards. If you have been to a Shelby Bash in Vegas you have seen me.

2 mustangs.jpg

Your thoughts please.



2 mustangs.jpg

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My Boss now has the CS69SE and looks more the part.




Congrads to you. To have two special cars are cool. I know my taste might seem boring, but I think that white is my favorite out of all the Boss's. I am not from a magazine,but I think that is a cool idea. Good luck! I live in So Cal, too! Mabey one of these days we can meet up so I can see the Boss in person.

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