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gts v6


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Coming to Las Vegas in a few days(Sep 18)--pondering a supercharged v6 gts--has anyone ever driven one???how does the v6 gts sound,and how powerful is it,what is it's top speed???It should be light and fast,I wanted a Terlingua(sp?)advertisements on web sight are at best lacking....



From the Emails I have been getting over the last few Days, it looks like they just started producing the Shelby GTS this past Week.

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Blown sixers are a lot of fun....the GTS's ancestors, the CS6 & Terlingua, are a hoot and this one should be no exception.


Don't expect it to sound like a V8, the sixers produce a more mechanical sound but with the right exhaust setup the sound is amazing.


If you decide to take the plunge I'm sure you'll have no regrets..I know I haven't had any for building a CS6.

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