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Selling my Perfect F-150 truck - SOLD !

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  • 1 month later...

SOLD for $15,000.


Ended up selling it to Subcontractor that has done many jobs for me over the years. Word of mouth over a cup of coffee does work. I mentioned that I had a truck for sale and he knows I'm a car guy and he has seen how I take car of my rigs. He's a Car guy too and he has a very nice ZR1 Corvette. I never even recieved one call from my craigs list add. Tough market.


I had the truck for 2-1/4 years and paid 17K for it because it was one of those loss leader truck sales. One only deal in the newspaper add. I feel very fortunate that I was able to sell it and get my money back out of the truck. It had 20K miles on it and was perfect. The buyer asked me if I could put his company door logos on it because it was going to be used as a work truck. I said no problem.





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