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2011 SVT Performance Pack Rims + Michelin Pilot Super Sports - Thoughts?


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I've been dancing around this issue for months now and my original Eagle F1:G2 Supercars are just about shot. I'm starting to slide a bit in the turns and its scary in the wet.


I want something with a longer tread life than the stocks. My stocks gave me 20,000 km and I've heard the Pilot Super Sports, in addition to the amazing traction (wet and dry) also have astounding tread life compared to the old-gold standard PS2s.


The issue is tire size availability.


This is what I have in mind:




9.5" width -265/40R/19 ---> 275/35R/19





9.5" width - 285/35R/20 ---> 295/35R/20




What are your thoughts on a 295 on a 9.5" rim? I've seen it done and it doesn't look bad other than some bulge. Is it an unsafe combo for every day driving? I've heard pros and cons from both side. Manufacturers typically say no, real world people say it's not as bad as they say.


What are the thoughts on widening the front tire? Will it affect handling?


Thoughts on the altered diameter? Will it negate the effects of having the SVT performance pack?


One issue I can see is that with the smaller front tire, the ass will be higher up and it might lose traction easier. I was thinking of dropping the bum about 1/2 inch or less to compensate but I have no experience in these matters. Is it even worth it considering the tire treads eventually wear out and lose height anyways?



This pretty much has to be done within the next month or so so I'm kind of stuck. I don't want to spend the cash on a tire that's only going to last a year. I don't mind dishing out for the PSS since I know they'll give me some extra time to play.


The PS2s offer more sizes, but at the same price as the PSS and 1/3 the tread life, I'm not thinking it's worth the money. The stock F1:G2 Supercars are nearly as expensive and only gave me a year. I also want to try something a little wider.


Any help and experience in tire width differences would be greatly appreciated.




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Have you had a good look at the Conti ExtremeContact DW? (not the DWS)

They come in a VERY wide variety of sizes and I love the traction in bot wet and dry...

Also downright reasonable compared to the Mchelin's




I took a look and I've read that they are a bit squishy and aren't the most responsive tires. I'll give them another look over though. Thanks.

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