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South Atlantic TS meet at Gs Machado Ford in Miami,FL


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I would like to Thank TEAM SHELBY for coming out to Gus Machado Ford kendall car meet we had over 85 cars and like 20 SHELBYS , also would like to Thank Justin from VMP tunning for coming and spending Saturday the hold day tunning cars at over 100 degree temperature. Can wait to start planning events with Team Shelby help in the future. Thanks Francisco Mederos

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Nice to see what looks and sounds like some REAL Team Shelby support - wonder when we'll get something further up the coast!?


Sorry, still bummed about Sebring... :rant:






Yeah, the EAST coast!


The South Atlantic Region looks like the Florida Shelby club :hysterical:



I've met Bob and he's a very down to earth person. Send him a private message about what you guys may want to set up around your area and I'm sure he can work something out. Let's work together to put these great cars together :happy feet:

Sam, I did speak to Bob about Sebring, let's just say all of this is all new to him and he just became the new Director when Sebring came around, he was at Sebring and was even my coach during the parade lap. I can't wait to go back to Sebring, that was a fantastic track.

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