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Mr Shelby

Dan D

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Hey just curious if anybody can tell me if Mr Shelby ever makes any personal appearances. I would love to have him sign my car. Does he do those kinds of things?



Even at 88 years old Carroll does make some public appearances. He and his wife were just at the Shelby Museum fundraiser in Boulder Colorado a few weeks ago.


Now I should add that even if you're at an event that Carroll is scheduled to attend the odds are 99% against him being able to sit in your car and autograph it. First off its hard on Carroll to get in & out of cars multiple times in a row, now don't get me wrong Carroll still drives and can get in and out of a car without any help, its just climbing in and out of cars multiple times in a row that is just hard on him.


Now because the odds are not good for Carroll to sit in your car the next best thing is for you to send a piece of your car to him for autographing. Most owners send in items like airbag covers, sunviosrs, glove box doors and console lids. Others send in paper items like window stickers & car brochures.


Carroll's charity, the Shelby Foundation, has set up an easy process to have your item item autographed in excahnge for a donation to this non-profit charity. Their website is www.cscf.org


Here is a direct link to the autograph page of their website:





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I might add if I may, if you sent a disposable camera or a very inexpensive digital camera :camera: with your part/ object you might get a photo of Carroll signing your item.

You might add a buck or 20 to your donation.

Remember to insure your stuff for more or equal than it is worth.

I have a friend who workS at a post office. For less than $1.20/$100.00 worth of insurance, $12.00 bucks gets you a $1000.00 insurance. She said the Post Office hates paying claims, therefore your stuff does not get lost as often. ;)

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