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2011 Show and Shine season


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The one on the left is mine. The S/C is an '87 non AC car from BC and the S on the right is #0502 and belongs to a friend of mine. The weather was beautiful, but we got hammered in the judging. We were put in the "late model 1976 and up" class. A 2011 Challenger, 2010 Challenger, and 1500 km Viper took home the trophies. Norhern Mopars says they will add a FWD class next year if we can get about 4 or 5 cars out. We had a Turbo Minivan there as well, but he had to leave by the time this picture was taken.

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Meeting up prior to the show.


At the show


The week before at the Central Alberta Mopar Association show and shine, Red Deer Alberta: Late model class was split, so not competing against brand new cars. Participants vote for top 3, both S cars placed. Really nice trophy, Dragster Hemi model engine with plaque that states: "Top 3 late model 1976-1991"


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