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Tanabanana’s new Shelby GT500


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When I saw this local add I just had to take a look.




2009 Shelby GT500 Red Stripe Edition


Car is in Showroom New condition. Never been in rain or on wet roads. Kept in my garage on carpet and covered with sheets. Owned and driven by one person, a female senior citizen retired Airline Captian. You are welcome to have car inspected at your expense.


No Modifications of any kind. Factory Shelby car cover and Embrodiered Red Cobra Floor Mats still in trunk in unopened package.


This is a very low production Red Stripe Edition ( # 5 of 89 )


Ambient lighting


HID lights


Shaker 1000


Interior upgrade package


Remainder of Factory Warranty.


Warranty start date was 5/28/2009



After looking I showed it to my wife and asked her if she would like to own it.



That was all it took.:hysterical:


After all it's our wedding anniversary and we have been together since 1977. happy%20feet.gif




We picked the car up tonight and here are the photos of the delivery. Tana is very happy with her very own GT500 as you can see !! This car is still like brand new.
































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WOW! nice car Tanna congrates on your annivarsay :wub:

Now will have to see who has the lead foot in your family.

Are you planning on selling any of your other cars now?

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WOW! What a difference in looking at GT 500’s versus driving one. :shift:


Rob was always on the lookout to get me a GT 500 of my own. He had a plan to save up for the 50th anniversary car. I would remind him that the 2007-2009 body style was so great I don’t know if they would design one that could compare to it. But that didn’t keep him from looking around to see what was out there. When he came across something interesting he would ask me what I thought of the car the color combo, price, etc. So when he came across the Red Stripe Edition and I said that was my favorite color combo that was all he needed to start inquiring about the car :call: A week later it now sits in our garage. :yahoo:


Getting it our garage from Canby was about a 35 mile trip. I only drove Rob’s car a few times and recently drove it since he had his short throw shifter installed. Yet, when it’s not really your GT 500 one (at least in my experience) doesn’t really experience the cars responsiveness, power, and my biggest surprise the comfort. It also makes a difference when you’re the one behind the wheel looking out across the hood of the car and seeing the color you have chosen out of all the color combinations. :dance:


The other bonus I have is that Rob is as thrilled as I am to be behind the wheel of this great car. :wub2:


Rob was so sweet to the lady selling the car for he could only imagine her pain as she watched her car drive off with the only other driver this car has known. She wouldn’t even let Rob test drive it when he went out to go over it before he brought me out. :headscratch: I have however been good enough to let him behind the wheel after we got it home. :kiss:


I have always liked the look of the GT 500 and the power is a given, but it is not until you have your own can you fully appreciate what everyone here already knows. This car kicks butt and looks really cool doing it. :peelout:

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Congrats Tana, your Shelby is a real beauty..........and my favorite color as well. :wub:



Happy Anniversary Rob and Tana. You're a wonderful couple that I'm honored to call my friends.

Ditto, my friend. :beerchug:

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Tana has been out putting miles on her car today. In fact she is out driving again now. She said she likes having 500 pony's under the hood. :hysterical:


I spent a little time wiping the car down today and inspecting it. What a beauty. It even has the factory car cover and car mats with the red stripe cobra on them in the trunk still in the wrapper never used.














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time to buy another bubble Rob! :poke:



Congratulations to both you and Tana.



Great score Rob

You let Tana drive and enjoy that car. It might even get a stone chip or brake dust on the rims. Just detail it once a month. You all ready have one bubble car, that enough.


You two enjoy and congrats on 34 years.



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Congrats Rob & Tana on your anniversary, and congrats Tana and having your own Shelby to play with!


The seller can also feel good in the fact the car has gone to the "right" buyer


Wins all around i'd say :happy feet:

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Congrats Tana and Rob on your anniversary and the special gift! Welcome to the Red Stripe club!


I did the same for Faye back in Dec '09! pic in signature below. She has put over 8,000 miles on her Shelby since then.



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Congrats on the addition to your stable, and YES on 34 years of marriage...


That white/red stripe has no idea how lucky it is to be in your care!


To the seller: rest easy... there is no better home for your baby to join.





I know, that is why Rob and Tanna own it !!! I know that it has a very good home....

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