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Norcal SAAC Mini-Nats recap


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Wow, what a great weekend! The weather was outstanding - mid 70's with a slight cool breeze from the bay.


The Team Shelby car show on Friday was a hit. It seems everyone really enjoyed themselves and got to make new friends.


Norcal SAAC's OTEC track day crew were outstanding. Tech, run group organization, corner workers, etc were all run on a very professional level.


All the volunteers were very courteous and welcoming. The TSPCR managers in attendance got a great schooling on how to run an event.


Shelby American's participation was appreciated. It was great to see Sam Trout, Gary Patterson, Roger Sorel and Steven McCauley.


Jerry Heasley was on hand to shoot a four page article for an upcoming Mustang Monthly issue. It is always great to hang out with Jerry.


Northeast and Southeast regional TS directors - John Keller and Bob Zinzell - made the long haul from PA and FLA to help out and join in the fun. Thanks John for the great BBQ lunches all weekend.


TSPCR zone coordinator Tom Dankel, along with Norcal's Mark Swanson were instrumental in making the car show run smoothly.


Head's up - put this event on your must do list for next year. After all, 2012 is the 50th anniversary of Carroll Shelby Motors and this event/venue is a very strong candidate to be included in the Anniversary Tour. We will be working closely with Norcal SAAC, Infineon Raceway and Shelby American in the near future to firm up a date.


Thanks again to Cole Reif, Joe Praxel, Joe Silva, Mark Swanson, Roger Aubert, Scott Hirose, Richard Ravel and all the Norcal SAAC crew for including Team Shelby and making us feel so welcome at this event!




PS - I did get to turn a few laps - MU0X0152.jpg


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Great seeing everyone there. I again had the pleasure being a co-pilot with Gary Patterson in the Blue session. Second year in a roll. Yes, I was able to borrow a fire suit for this EEE ride. I also tagged along with Michael McGuirk and Tom Dankel.


Great seeing the Shelby crew there, Roger, Gary and Sam. Till the next TS Event. Take care...



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Well said Michael!


I too want to thank all those involved at NorCal SAAC for what was a PERFECT weekend.


Having Bob Zinzell from FL and John Keller (master bbq'er) from PA there was great, and of course, for Gary, Roger and Sam bringing the hauler up from LV was appreciated.


The amount of track time was awesome, OTEC along with SAAC do a magnificent job of keeping everything running smoothly.


Thanx again for a truly amazing weekend, and congrats to those TS members that won car show awards :camera:

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Thank you Michael and Thank you to everyone who worked hard on this event. Scott and I had a great time. Since I won't take my car on the track maybe next time we can bring our 600HP Z out there to have a little fun..... :poke: There were some "others" out there..... Just saying....... :rolleyes:


Scott and I met some fantastic TS people over the weekend including the guys from SAI, what a terrific group of people.


Thanks Again....

Scott and Aggie

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It was great to see everyone, and put names to faces or I should say names to cars as I have known and admired your cars for some time but never meet some of you. Thank you for the kind hospitality. The car show was great and the track time was fantastic!!!!!! can't wait until the next time. Nor Cal Shelby always does a great track event, always professional and well organized. I wish I had some pictures to share but of the whole event the only car I grabbed a photo of was that tricked out 430 Ferrari. Hope to see you all at the next one.

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I had an outstanding time!!


You, Tom and the rest responsible put on a great get together. It was nice getting to meet Bob and his friends and John too, along with everyone else. I hope to be able to make next years event, it was well worth the drive from Southern California.



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