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My Super Snake Being Dyno

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When my project started out I just wanted to do headers and clutch and after contacting Van it turned into a total build. The bottom end was completely built, upgraded to the Kenne Bell 3.6LC, custom cams, 72lbs injectors, fore fuel rails, headers, clutch, Vans rad and heat exchanger, 170 t-stat, k-member, a-arms and Jon Lund custom tune. I have to say I'm very happy with how it turned out 766rwhp & 602rwtq at 14.5psi of boast. In the next few weeks it will be going back in for some more tuning with Jon after I get the 3.75 pulley from Kenne Bell and she should be over 800 to the wheels. I want to thank Van from Revan Racing, Jon Lund from Lund Racing, and Michael & Chris from L&M Engines for building one bad ass Snake. Heres a couple videos from the Dyno tuning





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It's always a pleasure working with you and I am elated with the results thus far. That horsepower at that boost level is amazing. I think 800 rwhp at 17 lbs of boost and 93 octane is, well, going to be an amazing combination.


Definitely a member of the "Bad Ass Super Snake Club" for sure.


I look forward to the smaller pulley and the next dyno session. 800 RWHP please!!!



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