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Ride Height Question - Am I better-off...


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I have a 2011 Coupe with SVTPP and plan to go to a 19" rear wheel with a conventional 285/35-19 tire - to both broaden the number of available tire choices and gain some quickness from the 3.73 gearing resulting from a 27" diameter rather than the SVTPP 28" rear tire diameter.


As a result the rear axle will be a 1/2" lower than stock - affecting the rake in ways I don't necessarily want. I can have a set of coils manufactured to the same 41Nm rate as the SVTPP rear coils - but 1/2" longer. A second, and off-the-shelf option would be 1/2" polyurethane coil spacers to take-up the difference?


My goal is a handling-neutral modification. Which is likeliest to yield the best, and easiest, outcome?



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