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I wish I could be more help. I recently got an ipad 2 as well and barely know how to use it. I have figured out how to connect it to WiFi and I have put the Pandora App on it so its cool to listen to online music.


I will be following this thread.

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I just got mine about 3 weeks ago.


The apps that I like are:

Nook - B&N ereader

IMDB - iternet movie data base

Automobile Magazine

Open Table

xfinity - if you have Comcast cable

HBO Go - if you have HBO at home



Bank of America - great if you use them

Groupon HD




there are others but they are basically iPhone apps that work on the iPad.


Use a smart cover, with an incase protective back.


Hope that gets you a start.

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I bought the smart cover with it and have found pics very easy to upload and view.....great for the great-grandparents who don't use internet access and our kids only use digital media!

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