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Five months ago the forum posts were primarly centered around anticipation of vehicle arrival. Some lucky drivers would post pics of their cars and there was also a lot of chat about the 40th anniversary package as well as potential mods to be added.


Now the posts are primarily about the Shelby driving experience, modifications to the vehicle that have been added; and, a few posts are from us poor old saps who have yet to receive the car. Congratulations to all of you who have arrived!


My car will be in hand in less than a week. It has been nearly a full year since I placed my deposit with the NON SVT/PA dealership. They have exhibited great patience with me and have tolerated my anxiety extremely well. Of all the posters who wrote critical notes about your dealership, I would like to say that my dealership will win the INTEGRITY award. They have also won my loyality as a buyer because of the fair business dealings on this particluar vehicle. If they will provide reasonable trade values in the future, I will be with them for a while when it comes to my Ford vehicle purchases. This is a difficult thing to do as I have purchased a majority of my Ford cars from one specific dealership. That dealership wanted 15K over msrp for a Shelby. I'm getting mine for 1500 over MSRP. What a deal!!!








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