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Can someone help me learn how to post pictures to this site? Thanks in advance :camera:



I just asked the same question, and Tim provided the answer. Hope this helps.




From: Tim Hill

Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2011 10:16 AM

Subject: RE: Pictures



There is a small button above the reply box that looks like a Polaroid picture. Click it, and it will allow you to upload pictures from your computer.




Tim Hill


Team Shelby/Shelby Store




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I'm a new TS member, and I posted a reply to a question, and I was asked to post some pictures. I have no idea how to do this, and would appreciated help in learning how to do this.

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Thanks so much



Your photo must not be larger than 1.17Mb too. Any larger and it will be rejected.


My cell phone takes snaps larger than 1.17 so it's easy to get too big. I had to set my camera resolution real low to get multiple photo's to post.




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The best way is to setup an account with flickr.com if your into image clarity (a photo guy), or if you have a point and shoot and just want to upload some pics sign up with photobucket.com its free. Once you upload the pictures there you past the URL link here and we can see them.

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Can someone help me learn how to post pictures to this site? Thanks in advance :camera:


if they are too big, open the file, then clcik on sava as, then compreess alot ,maybe 90% to reduce the file--you can do that succeessively till it meets the size limit---when you save as, change the file name ot itll compress the original file as well

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