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JLT's PLASTIC Big Air Intake


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Ok, by now you’ve all heard of our new JLT Carbon Fiber Big Air Intake or what some call “The 127”. Because the tube is Carbon Fiber and time consuming to make we are sold out each week and on a 4-6 week waiting list, but now we have a Plastic version coming out with no wait!


We will have these by the hundreds and back orders will be a thing of the past or just on the Carbon Fiber version.


All tubes are rotationally molded, 123mm and will be offered in standard Textured Plastic right away and Color matched Painted Plastic in 8-10 weeks.

They fit under the stock strut tower brace and can handle as much horsepower as you can give it and just like the Carbon Fiber version this has the integrated MAF for a great look and smooth air flow path with no couplers or transitions. They fit the stock blower as well as TVS, Whipple and Ford Racing.


We expect to start shipping the 2nd week in August or earlier, so get your orders in. We do not charge until the product ships, so give us a call to get yours locked in.


Tuning is required when changing an intake on any 2005-up Ford!



OK, the best news of all, PRICE.


Textured Plastic ONLY $349 ($200 cheaper then "the other 123mm kits":rockon:)

Painted Plastic ONLY $399


Many of your favorite vendors have orders in, so they can set you up with the intake and the tune needed or you can purchase direct as well.



Ok, the test.

This was a 3.4 Whipple car with 16-18 PSI of boost. I do not know the build info much past that and that it had our JLT 110mm CAI and a L&M TB.

We made a base line pull, then swapped the intake for our new Big Air and made the needed tune adjustment for the larger MAF and ran it again.


The car responded with an additional 1+ lb of boost and 30 RWHP and 40+ TQ through out the run:rockon:


Tuning was handled by Brent Hughes of DTP in VA Beach :worship:


Thank you



Check out the: JLT BIG AIR VIDEO







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