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Renewed Acquaintance with my Car

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So I took today off from work, and decided it was finally time to wash the car. It hasn't been washed since last fall, and I've done 2 track weekends since then, so it was FILTHY -- especially considering I had several "off-road adventures" during my first track event in January. :banghead:


So now she's washed, Turtle-Wax-Ice'd, and vacuumed. Also took the time to finally install my drivers' and passenger's side JLT Oil Separators (I've had 'em since December!), and changed my cabin air filter. She's all clean and ready for her next track event next weekend (back to VIR once again, this time with NASA for HPDE-2).


And on July 25 I take her in to get the front bumper replaced. Of course while I was there getting the estimate and scheduling the work, I made the mistake of asking how much it would cost to paint the stripes on the car...$1,600, and that includes the side stripes! Hmm...do I divert from the Track Car Fund to complete the Paint the Stripes Fund? Decisions, decisions! :hysterical:


Hopefully the front bumper will be done and gorgeous before our trek to Dearborn next month! Can't wait! :happy feet:

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