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The VMP TVS winner at Sebring...

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At the 2011 Team Shelby and Track Guys Sebring High Performance Driving Event I gave away a new VMP TVS blower.


We collected over $500 from raffle ticket sales for the Shelby Foundation.


Han's purchased two tickets, and his first ticket was a winner. The next day we installed the blower on Hans' car and dynotuned it.




We did a new baseline that morning and the car picked up right around 100RWHP and 100RWTQ with a very conservative road course tune on pump gas. The car is totally stock other than mufflers and a CnL CAI, and of course a tune.






Several years ago Han's had me do a CnL intake, pulley, and tune on his car:





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Hans congratulations .... !!!! Your car was bad a** before .... cant even fathom what it is now . Just with my Stage II i had WAY too much power. Granted I didnt have all the suspension mods thats important ... but anyway .... WAy to go and couldnt have gone to a better guy !

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This was the bigest win I ever had in my life :happy feet: Justin gave away a wonderful vendor product. He also installed it and tuned the TVS the next day. My car ran perfect on the track.

I lost some gas milage but the kick in the rear is worth it. :shift:

If your on the fence about the TVS I'd buy VMP product it gives you more boost and performance than the Ford product. Justin is also great to work with.

When I first owned my car he contacted me if I wanted to custom tune my car, YES, So I have since had many diffrent tunes and parts from him.


Now the winner of a free TVS :happy feet:



Thanks Justin

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