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Original Tri-bar Mustang Emblem

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While following a link from a different TS thread to ebay, I saw a listing for a

NOS Mustang/GT-350 LH tri-bar emblem. Now I know there have been complaints

about the ones on our cars not holding up well, so I checked out mine very closely

and found specks that flaked off. I wondered how close the original casting would

be to ours (and figured it would be cool to have a legacy part on my car), so I bid

on the thing and won. Wasn't too expensive.


Attached are photos of the front and back (next post). The ones that came with our

car is on the left. Notice the FoMoCo casting identifier vs. the Scott Drake one.

As you can see the prongs were larger and located in slightly different locations,

but nothing a drill bit and Dremel cutting tool couldn't solve. I hope this one is

tougher than the Scott Drake version under the old adage "they don't make them

like they used to."


Forgive me if this has been done before on this forum, but I couldn't resist posting

something about it. Only us nuts would care about something no one else would

even notice (or probably care).





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Rear view...



This is a GREAT post.

What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!



I want one...



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My badge is showing even more wear than that one, which is odd as I've only got 12,000 miles on my 2008 and it is usually parked indoors, almost always covered.


So I'd have to get my badge from Scott Drake?


There are some tiny differences, like the way the rear hoof is rounded versus pointed.

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They are held on by a simple locking speed nut on the back of each pin. The easiest way to remove the emblem is to remove the radiator cover, remove the billet grill and then you can remove / install the emblem. I tried to do it before without removing the grill but the space between the grill and the radiator is too tight to get you hand in there easily.

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