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Cat Back Exhaust Versus Axle-Back


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I have no scientific backing on this, however if you look at the stock pipes, there are a lot of bends and areas that are necked down. I would imagine that this would interrupt flow and/or create additional backpressure (ie, "drag" on the airflow through the pipes). The aftermarket catbacks don't seem to have these restrictions, so they *probably* flow better. Is it work an extra $500? I don't know, but in my case it was worth it enough to buy a "system" designed to work together instead of just adding new mufflers.

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Axle back will not give you an increase in HP, it's more of a sound thing, if you want gain HP you will need to go with some high flow cats, or remove them all together, my x-pipe is being removed and being replaced with an off-road as we speak, this will gain around 10 HP, if I went with a complete system I would gain maybe another 5-10 HP an X-pipe is the best bang for the buck at 300.00, depends on whether you have air care in your state. X-pipe will also make the car a bit louder....hopefully this helps a little in making your decision. There are lots of sound clips on youtube of many different set-ups..

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I know for myself sometimes it is hard to actually know sometimes what the heck car people are talking about. Especially when they get really technical and everything. If you want to see the difference between a cat-back and axle-back then take a look at this infographic as it shows visually the difference between the types of exhausts. http://finaltouchautomotive.com/exhaust-guide

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