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Front tires

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I have 7000 miles on the tires, and the front two are gone due to alignment issues. Yikes! Any ideas on dos or don'ts for alignment? I have the FRPP suspension. It's a little hard to see, but the short grooves on the inside of the tire are just about gone, while tread depth in general is good. Of course, the back tires are bald but i didn't want to show those. :hysterical:





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Same deal with my tires. The inside edges wore fast due to the caster setting that came with the FRPP suspension on my Super Snake. The bad news is those 2 front tires alone would have cost just shy of a grand!! I changed the whole set over to Vredisteins that i got a great deal on. The fix for the future though was to install caster/camber plates to allow a straight setting for the street (and to minimize wear) and then tilt them 2.0+ degrees in for the track. A bit pricey but well worth it for both the applications mentioned.

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