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Exhaust pipes

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Does anyone know if the issue with the crooked exhaust pipe been resolved by Shelby and borla?



I don't know if it has been resolved but I can verify that it was an easy adjustment. My left pipe tilted down a bit lower than the right. This was after some time of driving. I was at my local Mustang shop and did not even have to put the car on the lift. All we had to do was tighten two nuts and it lifted the pipe aligning it with the right tail pipe. In 5 minutes it was done. I will run it this week end to see if it dips down.


Since my car was one of the later ones delivered I think SA put this adjustment in. (If I'm incorrect please someone from SA or other owners correct me).


I feared the "The Tilted Tail Pipe Syndrome" most prior to delivery realizing now it was for no reason.


Hope this helps.

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The new ones dont do it as bad as the first 40 or 50 out, but I think its pretty much fixed at this point. They get slightly out of align from time to time, but its nothing to adjust it here and there while you are detailing.



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Too funny. I had the pipes re-algned and tightened but after some driving the left one is again sagging. I think some others have had some welding done (not sure about that) and wanted to find out if there has been a resolution before considering that route.

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I just took delivery of my 2012 GT 350 # 44 on 5/22/2012. The Borla exhaust was tack welded ( tig ) at SAI before delivery. After the 250 mile drive home, the left tailpipe tip was noticeably sagging. Since the pipe joints have half inch long tack welds, loosening the clamps for a readjustment is not an option. The short term fix was to loosen the final clamp at the rear and point it back up slightly, so that they look fairly even horizontally, but now the left tip points upward, while the right tip points straight back. MM

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These are not perfect guys. Loosen the nut on the final clamp and straighten it out. Even when mine are even they don’t both point exactly straight back.

This kind of stuff has never changed with Shelbys. 50 years from now some old geezer in a restoration shop is going to say “Yup, that’s how ole’ Shel made ‘em back in the day”...

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