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Rerouting fuel Crossover


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Not much you can do with the stockers since the crossover is in the middle. I have BBK rails and you can go front or back with the crossover(or both I guess). The Fore rails are nice too. You'd have to make sure that the fuel rail sensor doesn't hit anything. I like the BBK rails because the fuel rail sensor is in the stock position.

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Well I think I have seen it dome so your crossover is in tge back? Thanks!



Yep. Also, just FYI on the stockers...you can't remove the crossover hose without cutting it off. If you could get it to go under that would remove the eye sore but I'm sure they put it on top for a reason.


The stock ones are junk man. If you have to swap injectors more than like 3 or 4 times the weak clips will lead to leakage.


Also that metal is just really thin. I bent one of the ports taking mine off and it leaked after that. The aftermarket ones are much more heavy duty and no clips to break.

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when we installed mine we went under used blue aeroquip hose was a total bitch to press them on the barbed ends though!


I hear ya on that, those barbed fittings are used in marine applications...you're right about that. I am glad you posted, i was thinking I saw a picture of your engine where you ran a 90 degree fitting off the stock fuel rails is that correct? Thanks!

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I dig it so the braided line made the bend no sweat it looks like...do you have a close up pic by any chance? Thanks, if not no sweat...Cheers!



Hi Randy,


I revived Dan's build thread so you can see the build again and the routing on his car. It is hard to find alot of my build that are not in my section. Bit here it is:




Hope that helps, if not I will look for another for you.



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