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Had a custom shop fabricate gt500 wiings in stainless steel for my grill. Come with aluminum backing plate with screws for mounting.Looks great. I will try to post pics.File is too large.

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Did you get the pics?


yes; will try to post the pics.

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yes; will try to post the pics.



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Looks amazing! I hope Shelby brings back the fender snake wings as well as come out with the grille wings for sale as well.




Ditto. I'd like a set for the fenders. I get a lot of people commenting on my "Cobra". I'd rather they said "Shelby GT-500". (LOL) :doh:

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Dear Curt,


The links you have uploaded don't reflect the GT500 emblem pic on this thread. That emblem is made by someone else and not Champion Mustang. Shelby GT500 Emblem wings can be found at the link below. Shelby Performance Parts offers these to their customers. Champion Mustang makes custom emblems which are not yet ready. We are waiting on prototypes to be completed before any pricing can be publicly announced.





Thank you for choosing Champion Mustang as your "Mustang Parts Source!"




J.D. Saxon

Champion Mustang



Phone: 1-855-TEAM-SHELBY

Fax: 817-615-3432

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Scrolling around on e-bay today and noticed that the 2010 - 2012 front grill wing reciever kit is available.





That's the same guy I bought my side emblem wings from. They are top quality...and mine are now off my car, re-taped and ready to sell for $100 + $5 shipping if anyone's interested.

Send me an email at nat3157@msn.com or PM me here. First come first serve. They say SHELBY and GT500, no custom lettering.

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