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Ideas or help with my back bumper

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I was washing teh car last night and noticed that the rear bumper seemes a bit "loose" when I was detailing the bottom valance. I looked underneath and noticed that the thin plactic support piece (there are 3 total) in the middle of the bumper had broken. These supports don't really hold the bumper by much, so I am not suprised that it has broken. I'm looking for any ideas on how I can re-attach this piece to the bumper.


Thanks in advance for your help





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If it's the middle one, I would leave it off and simply file down the edge of it. It's one of those things that I haven't come up with a good permanent solution for yet. You may be able to use a thin piece of plastic bent on a 60 deg angle stuck on the inside; using gorilla glue.

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Joe, this has been discussed before.


I think the easiest fix for it would be to drill a very small hole on both sides...the tab and the bmpr. cover and run a very small black ziptie through both holes.


I believe that's what was discussed last time around a year or so ago on this?


Good luck!

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Harbor Freight has a "plastic welder" in their stores that appears to be a type of soldering iron that uses plastic as the solder. It wasn't very much and if you used it on a practice piece first it may be just the ticket.

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