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Wheel Fitment

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Ok....so still getting mixed info...any wheel experts...please advise

stock wheels are,

5-lug, 4.5" bolt circle

7.125" backspacing

45 mm offset

18" x 9.5" wide


so with that being said (the following wheels should fit? correct??)


18x9.5 Centercap Size: Custom (2.47")

Back Spacing: 6.6" (169mm)

Offset: +35mm (1.4")

Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5" (5x114.3mm)

Fitment: 2005-2012 V6, GT,

Bullitt, Shelby GT500 anyone?

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But will they "clear" the front brembo calipers???



Not with that 34mm offset!


We all know a GO SGT owner who has a set of 34mm Shelby S1s on his shelf. He has Brembos on one car and Baer on the other. You can get away with 40mm, but the tires still stick further out in the wheel well.

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correct me if I am wrong...but the Offset has little to do with clearing the big brakes...I was under the impression that it has to do with the actual wheel (ie; spokes etc and how they are on the wheel) the offset will actually just make the wheel stick out further from the wheel well etc or distance from strut....I have seen wheels with 45mm offset 18x9.5 that would not clear the brakes based on how the spokes of the wheel were...

thanks all for your answers...I am awaiting 2 more vendors who sell them to verify and GUARANTEE that they will fit....

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