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Shelby Gift Certificate


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I have a gift certificate to Shelby for 104.95. Unfortunately I have just lost my job. I had hoped to put the certificate to use to buy SPP products but now cannot. I will sell the certificate for 90.00 to anyone that is interested. Please respond to this thread. I am just one more that has lost his job without hope of finding another job in this recession,.

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Best of luck. It's more like a depression, regardless of what the policitians say.


Just a suggestion, a picture of the gift certificate may help sell it faster.



There is no photo of the certificate. Rather, I have a code number from SPP. When you order you just give them the code number and 105.00 is deducted from the price. Someone can save 15.00 immediately with no postage costs or anything else. Someone can buy 105.00 for only 90.00.

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