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v8 Engine placement measurements needed


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I am cloning an 89 short bed to have Shelby like drivetrain....started with a 4 cyllinder/5 speed, installing a 360 and 727...

I have NO reference points other than fore and aft, and got that by placing an engine and a518 tranny on the chassis. The 727 won't reach the tranny crossmember correctly as it is. At the tranny crossmember, offset is 5" or so, a LOT....

BTW, Body is off the chassis....


Left and right and up and down are still a guess.

Pretty sure the engine is offset several inches to the passenger side. Tunnel under the cab is off centered to the passenger side by 2 inches, but that isn't necessarily the only offset.


Can I get some pics from someone ? or a measurement where the center of the crank dampener is with respect to ribs on the Rack and Pinion, or with respect to center of body?

Or perhaps a sight line down the oil pan with respect to ribs on rack and pinion housing?

The passenger side wiper pivot is right at center, so is the hole where the hood latches when shut.

That will help with left/right.


Up and down? Not sure where a good point is....perhaps where the block meets the oil pan to the crossmember?


I am not using the aftermarket engine mount adapters. I am making steel plates that go directly from the ears of the engine to rubber mounts/brackets on the inside of the frame just behind the sway bar brackets.

When all is done, the area on either side of the oil pan will be clear of all mounts, brackets, even the box on the crossmember that holds up the driver's side mount.



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